Paddy Murphy: In Good Hands

Field recordings from a Pioneer of the Irish Concertina

Paddy Murphy: In Good Hands CD cover(Celtic Crossings CC2007)

Featuring an extensive 28 page book of historical notes & photos

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Track Listing

1. The Five Mile Chase, First House in Connaught & The Copper Plate (reels) 2:57
2. Seán sa Cheo (reel) 1:25
3. Kit O’Mahony’s (jig) 2:00
4. Trim the Velvet (duet with Peadar O’Loughlin) (reel) 1:12
5. Memories of the Fiach Roe Céilí Band in the 1940s (interview) 2:37
6. The Garden of Daisies (set dance) 1:13
7. Colonel Fraser (reel) 1:53
8. The Limerick Lassies & The Ships are Sailing (reels) 2:18
9. Old German Concertinas & Paddy Fahy’s Jig (reflection/jig) 2:21
10. The Flogging Reel & The Morning Star (reels) 2:15
11. Apples in Winter & Contentment is Wealth (jigs) 2:02
12. Bunker Hill (duet with Peadar O’Loughlin) (reel) 1:48
13. The Leitrim Fancy & Off to California (hornpipes) 2:16
14. Goin’ on Cuaird to Hughdie’s, The Teetotaler & The Skylark (interview/reels) 3:18
15. The Frieze Breeches (jig) 2:42
16. The Chattering Magpie & The Flax in Bloom (reels) 2:04
17. The Dawn (reel) 1:14
18. Bonaparte’s Retreat (set dance) 1:24
19. The Duke of Leinster (reel) 1:55
20. A Good Dance Player & The Dublin Reel (reflection/reel) 1:07
21. Sliabh na mBan (duet with Joe Ryan) (hornpipe) 1:32
22. The Green Groves of Érin (reel) 0:54
23. The Dunmore Lassies & The Shaskeen (reels) 2:19
24. Memories of the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil in Cavan in 1954 (interview) 3:09
25. The Ace and Deuce of Pipering (set dance) 2:05
26. The Carraroe Jig (duet with Jimmy Kennedy) (jig) 1:07
27. My Love is in America & Hand Me Down the Tackle (reels) 2:34
28. Lawson’s, Maud Miller, Cooley’s Ivy Leaf & Rakish Paddy (reels) 3:45
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In Good Hands

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