Wily Old Bachelor Tune Notes

There is a version of this tune in O'Neill's Music of lreland (N'. 1751) but Paddy's setting varies somewhat, again to suit the instrument.


The cuts on the B in bar 2 and on the A in bar 7 Part I are the same as those already explained in Kit O'Mahony's Jig. The cut on C is simply done with the second finger which tips the key above C on the press, which is E. A is then played on a drawn bellows with the index finger (l/h/s).


The double-stopping, which in this tune concerns the G on the dominant and lower octaves, is played exactly the same as in the jig, with the index and small fingers simultaneously, on a press bellows.


The runs in bar 4, Part I, which are mainly fiddle-type runs, are played usually along the middle row, with the only awkward bellows change occurring on the F sharp and low A which in some concertinas is to be found on the top row.

The runs in bars 3 and 5 in Part II are more manageable on the bottom row. E is played on the l/h/s with the index finger and F sharp with the index finger on the r/h/s. Both notes are got on a drawn bellows. G is got on the same as F, but on a pressed bellows. The dominant D and B in bars 1, 2, 3 and 5 in Part II are easier to play on the bottom row l/h/s with the index and second fingers respectively. Both notes are on a pressed bellows.

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